Toronto External Waterproofing

External Waterproofing in Toronto

When you’re looking for external waterproofing in Toronto, you need to go with the company that has lots of experience. Looking after all of the details is important. We do both here at Act Fast Waterproofing®.

The waterproofing system that we use is innovative and efficient. It uses a dimple membrane and non-shrink hydraulic cement. It’s a carefully thought-out system designed to keep water from getting in from the outside.

We look after all of the details because waterproofing isn’t just a business for us. We look at each and every project as if it were our own property. Customer satisfaction is a personal priority to everyone who works at Act Fast Waterproofing®.

Everyone understands how the weather is becoming more unpredictable. That’s why our services are becoming more critical than ever. When you’re looking for external waterproofing in Toronto for a residential or commercial property, you want professionalism.

That’s just what Act Fast Waterproofing supplies. Our methods are proven to be effective. Our team is constantly looking for the latest innovative solutions and skills. We pride ourselves on backing up all of the work we do. That’s why you will get the benefit of a 25-year transferable warranty when you use our external waterproofing in Toronto services.

Our employees all undergo rigorous training. Field training is another one of the ongoing advantages you’ll get when you use us. Our staff is dedicated to making sure your property gets waterproofed correctly.

Sometimes, a problem with an external wall starts to show with some symptoms inside the house. For example, if you find there is an increase of mold or mildew, you might have a problem. Take a look at your basement appliances. If there’s any rust on a washer or dryer, you might have water coming in from the outside.

Some of the signs are more obvious than others. For example, if you’ve got cracks on a basement wall that are leaking, you should give us a call.

All you need to do to get things moving forward is get in touch with us. We be more than happy to have a representative come to your place for a consultation. Transparency is one of the cornerstones of our external waterproofing in Toronto services. We’d be happy to take a look at your project and answer any and all of your questions.

Our Toronto External Waterproofing system includes:

  • Excavate around the exterior of the property down to footing level.
  • Install 4” weeping tile.
  • Clean walls and fill any cracks with a non-shrink hydraulic cement.
  • Apply rubberised waterproof sealant Aqua Bloc to wall and footings.
  • Further, protect with a 6mm plastic sheating and DELTA MS waterproof dimple membrane.
  • Cover weeping tile with 12” of 3/4” clear gravel and backfill to grade.

We provide external waterproofing in Toronto and also cater to the following areas: Ajax, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Toronto, and Whitby. To know more about our Toronto external waterproofing service, call us today 647-993-3466.